Songs from W to Y

Was it for me, for me alone  622
Wash me O Lamb of God  623
Wayfaring Stranger (Title)  245
We are one in the bond of love  624
We bless our Saviour's name  625
We come as guests invited  626
We come O Christ to You  627
We have an anchor that keeps the soul (Refrain)  679
We have heard the joyful sound  629
We love to sing of Christ our King (Refrain)  576
We may settle a while here as strangers  628
We praise You O God, our Redeemer  630
We praise You our God, for the Son  631
We praise You, we bless You  632
We rest on Thee  633
We see the sin-atoning Lamb  634
We Shall Behold Him (Title)  557
We shall know Him (Refrain)  431
We shall rise (Refrain)  447
We shall see His lovely face  635
We shall shine as the stars of the morning (Refrain)  628
We sing the praise of Christ who died  636
We the kings of Orient are  637
We worship You, all glorious Lord (Refrain)  44
We'll All Be There! (Title)  661
We'll be there, we'll be there (Refrain)  661
Well may we sing, with triumph sing  638
We'll sing of the Shepherd who died  639
We're feeding on the living bread (Refrain)  569
We're marching to Zion (Refrain)  68
Were you there when they crucified my Lord?  640
We've a story to tell to the nations  641
What A Day That Will Be (Title)  574
What a fellowship, what a joy divine  642
What a Friend we have in Jesus  644
What a gathering! What a gathering! (Refrain)  443
What a wonderful change in my life  643
What a wonderful Saviour is Jesus (Refrain)  56
What can wash away my sin?  645
What Child is this  646
What kind of love is this  647
What was it, O our God?  648
What will you do with Jesus? (Refrain)  297
When a sinner comes  649
When all my labours and trials are o'er  650
When He Cometh (Christ Is Coming) (Title)  57
When He shall come  651
When I behold my Saviour  652
When I consider His greatness  653
When I get home (Refrain)  226
When I saw the cleansing fountain  655
When I survey the wondrous cross  654
When Jesus comes the tempter's power is (Refrain)  453
When Jesus comes to reward His servants  656
When morning gilds the skies  657
When mothers of Salem  658
When my life's work is ended  660
When peace like a river  659
When the last trumpet sounds  661
When the roll is called up yonder (Refrain)  662
When the Saints Go Marching In (i) (Title)  186
When the Saints Go Marching In (ii) (Title)  439
When the trumpet of the Lord  662
When this passing world is done  663
When tossed on Galilee's rough waves  664
When upon life's journey  665
When we all get to Heaven (Refrain)  501
When We See Christ (Title)  277
When we walk with the Lord  666
Where He may lead me I will go  667
Where will you spend eternity?  668
While golden moments swiftly glide  669
While Shepherds Stood There Watching (Title)  124
While shepherds watched their flocks  670

Whiter than snow (Refrain)  347
Whiter than the snow (Refrain)  43
Who at my door is standing  671
Who can cheer the heart like Jesus  672
Who is a pardoning God like Thee? (Refrain)  140
Who is He, in yonder stall  673
Whoever believes in the crucified One  674
Why did they nail Him to Calvary's tree?  675
Why should I feel discouraged  677
Why Was He There? (Title)  652
Why? (Title)  675
Wide, wide as the ocean (Chorus)  676
Will the Circle be Unbroken? (Title)  564
Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown? (Title)  192
Will you be ready when Jesus comes?  678
Will you be ready when the Bridegroom…? (Refrain)  545
Will your anchor hold in the storms  679
With Christ we died to sin  680
With harps and with incense  681
With Jesus in our midst  682
Without a cloud between  683
Without blood there's no remission  684
Wonderful grace of Jesus  685
Wonderful Love (Come let us sing of a) (Title)  71
Wonderful love that rescued me  686
Wonderful name He bears (Chorus)  687
Wonderful the matchless grace of Jesus (Refrain)  685
Wonderful Words of Life (Title)  502
Wonderful, merciful Saviour  689
Wonderful, wonderful Jesus (Chorus)  688
Wonderful, wonderful Jesus, in my heart (Refrain)  575
Wonderful, wonderful, Jesus is to (Chorus)  690
Wondrous love of Jesus  692
Worthy, O Lamb of God art Thou (Refrain)  598
Worthy, worthy, worthy  691
Would you be free from your burden  693
Would you taste of joy and gladness  695
Wounded for me  694
Years I spent in vanity and pride  696
Yes Jesus loves me (Refrain)  302
Yes we'll gather at the river (Refrain)  496
Yes, I'll sing the wondrous story (Refrain)  238
Yes, there's One (Refrain)  269
Yesterday, today, for ever (Chorus)  697
Yesterday, today, for ever (Refrain)  408
Yield not to temptation  699
You are coming mighty Saviour!  698
You are the One that we praise (Refrain)  689
You ask me why I'm happy  701
You have longed for sweet peace  702
You must be born again (Refrain)  4
You servants of God  700
You'll reap whatever you sow (Refrain)  510
Your name we love, Lord Jesus  703
Yours the glory and the crown (Refrain)  64